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The food

At Wolf Atelier, we encourage creativity and innovation. Michael Wolf and his team are constantly working on creating new dishes and flavor combinations.

Our 15-course menu is the ultimate stage for these creative expressions. We challenge ourselves to innovate and experiment time and again, inviting our guests to participate in this culinary journey.

If you prefer a shorter culinary adventure, the 4 or 5-course menu is an excellent option.


Our 15-course menu is a culinary adventure and the flagship of Restaurant Wolf Atelier. It showcases our most daring creations, giving you as a guest the opportunity to experience Wolf at its best!

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Permanent collection

Our 4 or 5-course menu is ideal for guests seeking a flavorful yet compact culinary experience. This menu provides a taste of our culinary art, featuring thoughtfully crafted dishes.

4 of 5-gangen menu

Vegetarische collectie

Prefer a vegetarian 4 or 5-course menu? Then the menu below is perfect for you! This menu is entirely vegetarian without compromising on taste.